dr. Indriana Pratiwi, Sp. DV


dr. Indriana Pratiwi started her study at Maranatha Christian University and achieved her master degree from Diponegoro University as a dermatovenerologist. In order to become a professional and competent doctor, she took part in various professional training and courses before finally joining IORA Dermatology Clinic. She is enthusiastic about beauty and determines to utilize her skill in making individualised plans for each customer to ensure their healthy skin as well as satisfying final results.


According to her motto “Beauty is being comfortable and confident in our skin”, dr. Indri realized that desire and self-esteem are two important combos to build and boost confidence. As someone who is passionate about helping many individuals to reach their own beauty goals, it excites her to take part in someone’s wonderful transformation and make them confident with their appearance.  


In addition, dr. Indriana believes that beauty is for everyone and each individual has their desire for healthy and well-nourished skin, regardless of skin tone colours. Also, she dedicates and is eager to apply her capabilities through the latest and the most advanced techniques in cosmetic and dermatology procedures.

Schedule :

Monday : 1pm - 6 pm

Tuesday & Wednesday : 9 am – 6 pm

Thursday : 1 pm – 6 pm