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We are seeking a specialised candidate for the role of Dermatologist (Sp.KK). The duties of a Dermatologist include consulting with patients and determining skin ailments, prescribing medication, undertaking skin therapy treatment or performing non-intrusive surgery and also performing non-invasive aesthetic procedures in a medical setting. With a focus on providing excellent patient experience, the Dermatologist will provide appropriate skin care products, treatment and recommendations to our patients. 



  • Use appropriate techniques to diagnose and treat skin ailments

  • Monitor the effectiveness of skin treatments and make necessary improvements or changes

  • Prescribing medication for the treatment of skin conditions

  • To perform a variety of facial and body procedures intended to increase, improve or maintain the appearance and health of human skin

  • Responsible for handling of patient enquires and educate patient about course of treatments, possible downtime and post care

  • Able to provide medical advice related to clinic's products and services

  • To maintain a complete and accurate medical records of the patient and be ready to assist in any hours to help achieve patient desired result.

  • To perform non-surgical and minimally invasive aesthetic treatments

  • Attend conferences to network with Dermatology professionals and learn about new treatments and research

  • Treat every patient with respect and compassion and ensure compliance with current medical laws and ethics



  • Medical Degree with specialisation in Dermatology (Sp.KK “Spesialis Kulit dan Kelamin”)

  • Maximum 40 years old

  • Minimum 2 years work experience in Aesthetic

  • Having a passion in Aesthetic field & willing to acquire SIP

  • Hard worker & pays attention to details

  • Good interpersonal skills & positive personality

  • Have a good appearance

  • Fluent in English

To apply please EMAIL US

note: Please upload your PDF resume in the email body.

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