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dr. Jessica Lie, Sp.KK


Graduated in 2015 from Ospital NG Maynila Medical Center, Philippines, dr. Jessica Lie, Sp.KK gets under eyes certification at Sriwijaya University as Dermatovenerologist. It doesn’t end there, she continues to pursue and explore her passion by both working and attending numerous seminars, as well as training to deepen her skill in adapting to the latest technique in fulfilling patient needs to finally join IORA Dermatology Clinic as an Injector Specialist. Enthusiastic about skin and beauty, dr. Jessica is determined to help her patients to achieve healthier and the greatest outcome so that they can feel comfortable with their skin.


Having a genuine viewpoint, she believes everybody has their own beauty and we should appreciate a person's uniqueness. Thus, instead of changing the existing arts, she enacted herself as the artist who assists in improving and enhancing someone's beauty point. Through her gentle touch, dr. Jessica is excited to take a part in someone’s beauty journey to feel confident with their fineness.   


As one of the IORA Clinic team, dr. Jessica is ready & eager to apply her capabilities through the latest and the most advanced techniques in cosmetic and dermatology procedures.



Monday, Wednesday and Friday : 09.00 - 17.30

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