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5 Common Myths About Skin Aging

Having a supple, smooth, healthy skin without wrinkles and lines is everyone's dream. After all, no one wants their appearance to look older than their actual age, right? Accordingly, these concerns drive many beauty clinics and skincare brands to provide a variety of "menu" to help in rejuvenating the skin.

Regarding this condition, it seems that there are still many myths about skin aging that make a misapprehend. Thus, through this article we will explore myths and facts about skin aging.

#1. Wrinkles are the first sign of aging

Fact: Wrinkles or fine lines are not always the first sign of skin aging. To some people, the first sign of skin aging can be the appearance of dark spots, changes in skin color or texture, or loss of facial volume

In fact, some teens in their 20s have experienced panda eyes, eye bags, or smile lines as the first sign of aging. Therefore, starting an anti-aging skincare routine early can help rejuvenating your skin's appearance when it eventually begins to lose collagen.

#2. The number of wrinkles depends on genetics

Fact: Genetics do play a role in skin conditions, but the speed and amount the wrinkles appear highly depend on an individual's lifestyle.

Therefore, even though genetics has a role in causing several skin conditions, yet skin aging is determined by intrinsic and extrinsic factors which refer to the natural aging process due to environmental factors such as UV rays, pollution, and lifestyle such as smoking, consuming alcohol, and lack of sleep.

#3. Facial exercises are great for preventing wrinkles

Fact: The repetitive movements of facial exercises can force the muscles to contract and cause dynamic wrinkles.

Even so, regular full-body physical exercise can bring good benefits to the skin. This fact can be seen from people who exercise regularly will look younger and fresher than those who don't exercise. Instead of just doing exercises on the face, you should start doing exercises for the whole body too!

#4. Collagen drink can reduce wrinkles

Fact: Loss of collagen has a major role in skin aging. However, until now, there is no definite evidence that collagen drink can reduce wrinkles or sagging skin.

It is undeniable that good nutrition is important for skin health, but taking collagen drink cannot simply improve wrinkled or sagging skin. In response to this, some studies show that there is only a slight improvement in appearance produced by collagen supplements, but this research is known to get sponsorship from certain product manufacturers. In fact, there is no further explanation of the evidence.

#5. Only Botox can treat skin aging

Fact: There are two main types of wrinkles, namely dynamic and static. In fact, Botox is only effective against one of them.

It's true, Botox is a procedure that can be used to disguise wrinkles, especially dynamic wrinkles such as wrinkles between the eyebrows, wrinkles on the forehead, and wrinkles around the eyes which are usually caused by muscle contractions that occur or repetitive facial movements. As for static wrinkles such as neck wrinkles, voids under the eyes, marionette lines, and wrinkles resulting from loss of elasticity and fat in the skin, these are conditions that can only be treated with dermal fillers.

Well, those are the myths about skin aging that must be straightened out. Remember, there's no word "too soon" to start a skincare routine or anti-aging treatments. Start investing in the easiest ways right now, such as using sunscreen, maintaining your lifestyle, and also having professional beauty treatments with experts.

If you have noticed signs of skin aging, come and consult your problem with our professional doctors at IORA Clinic.


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