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Easy Ways to Flatten Big Muscular Calves

Just like other body features, human calves come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some individuals have large calves, some have calves that look slim and attractive. So, what causes the size and shape of calves to look different?

The appearance of long and slim legs that make a person look tall is stealing attention. However, some have big muscular calves which lowers someone's confidence. Not only caused by body weight, the big muscular calves can be caused by excess muscle mass in the calves as well. Individuals who play certain sports may produce muscular calves that make them look big. Although exercise is a hobby, not everyone wants the appearance of big, muscular calves.

Through this article, you will find easy ways to flatten big calves! How? Keep scrolling, fellas.

How can calves have different sizes and shapes?

There are several factors that influence the size and shape of an individual's calves, including:

1. Genetics

The main factor and the most influential is genetics. By this point, you can find out by looking at the calves of family members such as parents or siblings. This condition can happen if someone has a short Achilles Tendon (the large connective tissue behind the ankle that connects the calf muscles to the heel bone) that create the calf muscles look bigger; this is because the calf muscles have to elongate to meet the short tendons.

On the other hand, if one has long tendons, the tendons will extend farther up, so the calf muscles appear smaller and more defined.

2. Body shape

Another reason for differences in the shape and size of the calves can be derived from differences in a person's body shape, which make the calves appear larger or smaller. For example, the pear body shape tends to have a larger lower body than the upper body, which can make the calves appear larger. Conversely, someone with an apple body shape tends to have a larger upper body and smaller lower body, so the calves appear thinner and smaller.

3. Certain sports

Exercises that exert strength, power, and speed from the leg muscles will result in larger calves. This kind of sport includes exercises that involve inclines such as going up hills. For example, steep inclines and uphill on the treadmill tend to form larger calves. In addition, jumping movements such as jumping rope can also make the calf muscles bigger.

How to reduce big calves?

From several causes that have been mentioned above, there is a way to prevent large calves, such as paying attention to the sport that will be done. If the shape and size of the calves are already large and you want to reduce them in an instant way that doesn't require a serious procedure, you might be interested in pure toxin or known as botox treatment to reduce the size of the calves.

Flatten calves with Botox

Some of us naturally have thicker calves due to genetics or due to certain physical exercises. Neuromodulators, such as pure toxin, have been shown to reduce calf muscles. While you may not consider Botox treatment to reduce the appearance of large calves, in fact, involving an injection of pure toxin or Botox into the gastrocnemius muscle, the outermost calf muscle responsible for calf size can reduce and slim the appearance of big calves.

The inserted pure toxin will relax the calf muscles, creating a slimmer appearance. Don't worry, the pure toxin treatment will only affect a small portion of the outer muscle fibers, which means it won't limit the normal function of the calves. Further, the most important thing is, the Botox treatment will not have a negative impact on walking or running activities. Thus, it can be said that Botox treatment is a safe and effective way to reduce the large calves without downtime.

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Reducing big muscular calves with Botox treatment at IORA Clinic
Reducing big muscular calves appearance with Botox treatment at IORA Clinic


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