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Benefits and Effective Way to Exfoliate Skin

Exfoliation is one step in a series of skincare routines that are often done by many people. Nowadays, the guidelines for using skincare are widespread and easy to find on social media. Starting from the use of face wash, toner, serum, sunscreen, to exfoliation.

What's Exfoliation?

Generally, exfoliation is a process of removing dead skin cells which stick to the skin's surface to make the skin clearer and smoother. Naturally, our skin sheds the dead skin cells every 30 days or so, nevertheless, sometimes the dead skin cells are not completely separated from the surface of the skin, causing dry, scaly skin, and also blockages pores. So, the role of exfoliation in the skincare routine series is to wash away the dirt and prevent the clogged pores.

Benefit of Exfoliating Skin

More than that, the benefits that you can feel and see from exfoliating skin are:

  • The skin will look brighter and cleaner

  • Increase skin's ability to penetrate topical skincare products deeper and more effective

  • Reduce the chance of acne development

  • For the long-term, exfoliating skin in a safe way can improve skin's elasticity and minimize fine lines

Physical Exfoliation or Chemical Exfoliation?

Yup. Exfoliation has two main methods, namely physical exfoliation which usually uses tools such as brush, sponge, scrubs or others. In addition, another method is chemical exfoliation, using chemical substances that function to gently dissolve the dead skin cells from skin's surface.

To find out the right method to exfoliate your skin, you have to know and understand to your skin type--whether it is normal, dry, oily, or combination. Take note, understanding your skin type and choosing the right method are needed to prevent some mistakes in exfoliating the skin.

There are several things that need to be considered regarding the exfoliation process to be more effective and safe, including:

  • Pay attention to the active ingredients in your skincare products. Do not use too many active ingredients with a high concentration. For those who frequently exfoliate as part of their routine skin care routine, it is better to check the ingredients of products to avoid the bad effects of over-exfoliating.

  • Do not be harsh and be gentle on the skin. If using a scrub or physical method, choose a scrub that is smooth and comfortable for the skin. Moreover, do not apply a lot of pressure when rubbing the skin to prevent irritation.

  • Apply moisturizer and sunscreen after exfoliating. The exfoliation process can make the skin drier and become a little bit sensitive. Therefore, cooling down the skin immediately after exfoliating to keep skin hydrated. Also, do not forget to use sunscreen as additional protection if you have an outdoor activity.

  • Exfoliate the skin properly, do not do it every day and every time. How often we exfoliate depends on our skin type and the method of exfoliation. Be careful, over-exfoliating skin can irritate and make the skin more sensitive.

If you are still confused and have some questions about exfoliating, go visit the nearest dermatologist. A dermatologist will help evaluate your skin and determine what exfoliation methods are effective and safe for your skin.

At IORA Clinic, we have several options of exfoliating treatments that are suitable for you. Under the supervision of a professional doctor, exfoliation will be safe and comfortable.

In less than 10 minutes using special liquids/ingredients, Art Peel at IORA is able to effectively remove the dead skin cells. Not only destroying dead skin cells, peeling can minimize fine lines and dark spots. As a result, your face will look brighter and healthier.

Another way to exfoliate the skin at IORA is with a bubble glow treatment. In contrast to peeling that utilizes special ingredients, bubble glow uses a special machine that functions to remove dead skin cells while at the same time inserting a brightening gel into the deep layers of the skin. So, not only removing dirt on the surface of the skin, this treatment is also able to brighten the appearance of the face.

Not only providing basic treatments, we also offer advanced treatments to help solve your skin problems. With a sophisticated machine that emits light, laser treatment can provide various benefits that you want to achieve such as removing dead skin cells, tightening the skin, shrinking pores, acne and others.


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