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Chin Filler: Lower Face Definition and Contour

In the world of makeup, the word 'contour' refers to a makeup technique that functions to highlight or shade parts of the face such as the cheekbones and the jawline so that the appearance looks sharper and more defined. In this case, it is undeniable that both women and men crave a symmetrical, firm, and slim face shape.

Have you ever felt that you have chubby cheeks that are hard to slim? Many think the cheeks are the main problem, however, the real problem actually lies in the chin. Then, how to reduce chubby cheeks and what shape of chin can fix chubby cheeks?

The importance of chin shape

Rarely noticed, in fact, the chin has a very significant and prominent role in facial appearance. Like a painting, the chin acts as a framework that can define our facial appearance; it is one of the focal points of the face because of its role in sharpening the jawline and also slimming the cheeks. Everyone certainly has a different chin structure and model because chin shape is influenced by several factors such as genetics, environment, and also injuries or traumas that have been experienced.

Unfortunately, not all humans have a symmetrical chin shape. In general, there are many chin shapes, including square chin, short chin, long chin, round chin, protruding chin, and receding chin. Sadly, an unsuitable chin shape causes an unbalanced appearance. The shape of the short chin, for instance, can lead to the appearance of the chin looking weak or slightly backward. Overall, is there any treatment to improve the structure of the chin to make it look ideal?

The answer is yes and it is possible!

Chin Filler

If you have concerns about asymmetrical chin or looking backwards chin, chin fillers could be the right option for you. Not requiring much time, chin filler is quite easy to do because it only involves an injection process with soft tissue filler, hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid works to fill and increase targeted areas. Without surgery, chin filler can improve the chin shape as well as you want effectively and minimal downtime. In addition, you can see and feel the result right after the procedure.

At IORA Clinic, we provide filler treatment according to your unique problem. With professional and experienced doctors, IORA is ready to help you get the best results. Our doctors are able to define the shape of your chin to be sharper and ideal from the front and side in order to create a better facial profile naturally.

Chin Filler Benefits

The benefits of chin filler that you will get are:

  • A stronger and firmer chin appearance

  • Increases the volume of a receding chin

  • Refines the jaw line

  • Balances the appearance of the lower face

Come and consult your desired chin shape with us at IORA Clinic.

before after chin filler at IORA Clinic
Transformation before after chin filler at IORA Clinic


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