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How to Effectively Treat Deep Smile Lines

Smile lines or laugh lines is another word from nasolabial fold which refers to the lines and folds on both sides of the mouth, extending from the edge of the nose to the outer corner of the mouth. Some people may not have this line yet, but the nasolabial folds can become more prominent when smiling.

In some cases, the smile lines is only visible when smiling, however it can become more prominent with age. Thus, many older people seem to have the creases even when they're not expressing themselves. Besides its appearance, smile lines often interfere with the result of the makeup look because a crack usually shows.

What's Smile Lines?

Smile lines or nasolabial folds is a line that runs on both sides of the mouth. In fact, almost everyone has nasolabial folds, except in newborns or people whose faces are paralyzed due to certain medical conditions. Furthermore, smile lines is one of the signs of skin aging. These nasolabial folds are formed from dense collections of fibrous tissue and muscle that tend to become more visible as we age. Consequently, over time the skin becomes loose and thin so these folds will become more visible.

The Cause of Smile Lines

Basically, the smile lines on the face are perfectly normal and are part of the anatomy. However, these folds can become deeper and sag as the skin ages, causing the appearance to look older and more wrinkled. In addition, with age, smile lines begin to appear and can extend to the chin, which is usually referred to as marionette lines.

Just like other skin conditions, nasolabial fold has various factors, namely:

  • Sun exposure causes skin damage, leading to wrinkling and changes in skin texture

  • Loss of collagen due to aging. The decreased collagen condition makes skin weaker and thinner

  • Reduced fat that causes the cheek and surrounding areas to become saggy

Keep in mind that our facial expressions can deepen the frown lines. Furthermore, there are several triggering factors that can worsen the smile lines, such as:

  • Smoking

  • Pollution exposure

  • Rapid weight loss or frequent weight fluctuations

Best Treatment to Treat Smile Lines

There are no healthy condition associated with smile lines, but some people feel the nasolabial folds make their appearance look less attractive. Therefore, many are wondering, can smile lines be faded and fixed? Regarding this concern, IORA Clinic provides several effective and safe options in treating smile lines.

Dermal Filler

The first step you can take to get rid of smile lines is filler. Dermal filler is an injection treatment that is inserted into the skin. Filler treatment serves to fill and reduce wrinkles in the targeted area. Not only that, dermal filler procedure only takes a minute without downtime. Another benefit of filler is it reduces and eliminates prominent creases, also helping the skin in the surrounding area to become fuller and look younger.

Collagen Stimulator

Similar to dermal filler, collagen stimulator is an injection treatment that can stimulate and restore lost collagen in the skin. Collagen stimulator can restore your youthful appearance by reducing and eliminating aging lines. In a swift and painless procedure, the result can be seen right after.

Plasma Gel Therapy

Still involving an injection, the different thing about plasma gel therapy is that this procedure uses patients' own blood to be processed into a gel or serum to be inserted into the skin. The benefit of this treatment is to fill and tighten the targeted area so that your appearance can become younger and fresher.

Thread Lift

In addition to injection treatment, thread lift treatment can be an option to solve smile lines. This procedure involves injections and threads that will be pulled and tightened the loose skin and tissue on your face. Also, this procedure is able to firm the lines of skin aging that are clearly visible on the face.

What Treatment is Right For Me?

If you experience smile lines and are confused about choosing the right treatment, come and discuss your concerns with our doctors. With consultation process, our doctor will recommend the great and effective treatment for you.


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