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Skinvestment Tips and Tricks According to Dermatologist

Since the skin is the largest organ as well as the greatest protector possessed by humans, therefore, taking care and maintaining healthy skin is an obligation that should not be underestimated. If the body needs food, so the skin needs nourishment.

Actually, to keep skin health can be done from simple things like drinking more water, eating healthy foods, having good sleep hours, clean the face from dust or makeup thoroughly, and doing a series of routine skin care regularly. These simple things can be called as a skinvestment.

The word skinvest is a combination of skin and investment which means an effort or process of skin care routine to produce clean, bright, and healthy skin. If you already know the name, so how do we start skinvestment?

The best time to kick-in skinvestment is when we enter our teens. Over time, not only doing basic routines, advance routines also need to be done to support maximum results such as removing wrinkles or hollows on the face.

According to dermatologists, the skin investment routine can be divided into three, namely daily, weekly, and monthly. Read the full text below!

Daily Skinvestment Routine

This daily routine must have been done by almost everyone, including:

  • Use milk, oil, or balm cleanser before washing the face, especially after doing activities outside the home and wearing thick makeup. The first cleansing aims to remove dirt attached to the outer layer of the skin.

  • After double cleansing, use toner to completely remove the dirt and oil. Also, toner can be the best base before applying next skincare products.

  • Apply serum after toner to improve skin complexion and help regenerate skin.

  • Add moisturizer in the form of a daily cream or night cream to create a protective layer and also to moisturize the skin.

  • Protect the skin with sunscreen as an antidote to the harmful effects of the sun and avoid skin from premature aging.

Weekly Sknivestment Routine

After doing the daily routine, weekly routine is recommended step to maximize results, the things that you can do in weekly maintenance are:

  • Do face masks once a week, you can use clay, mud, peel off, wash off, or sheet masks based on your personal preference and skin needs.

  • Doing vitamin infusions every two weeks, not only external care, internal care is a must in the skin investment routine.

Monthly Skinvestment Routine

Apparently, the daily and weekly routines are basic routines that have been applied by many people, then, there are several steps that can be included in the monthly routine to increase the level of skinvestment, such as:

  • Exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells that are still left on the surface of the skin. If left untreated, dead skin cells will cause new problems such as dull faces and acne.

  • Do facial treatment or comedo extraction is the best option when there are blackheads which indicates potential pimples. It should be noted, do the extraction with professional help to avoid other problems.

  • Laser treatment regularly if you want aggressive treatment and instant results. In fact, laser treatment is proven to be able to solve some skin problems; from dull skin, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and more.

  • Salmon DNA can be your choice if you want to increase your skinvestment level. In addition to providing instant results, this treatment can support skin health to be more supple, clean, and healthy.

  • Add pure toxin or Botox treatment 2 times in 1 year to smoothen skin texture and to fade sign of skin aging; fine lines as well as wrinkles.

After knowing the recommended skinvestment routine from dermatologist, have you done one of them? In addition, an expert explain that lifestyle plays a big role in the skinvestment process. So, do skinvestment systematically and maintain your lifestyle to get the best results you expect.

Are confused about how to start skinvestment and need expert guidance? Easy peasy! You can come or do an online consultation with us to build your beauty journey plan! Completed with professional dermatologist, as well as equipped with sophisticated technologies, IORA will be your best friend.


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