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Don't Squeeze Your Pimples! Here's Why

The appearance of one or two pimples often makes you anxious and annoyed, so you want get rid of them quickly by squeezing or popping them up until bleeding. You may feel relieved after popping the acne, but is it the right thing to do? Absolutely not, fellas. Some pimples tend to lead to another problem after you squeeze.

Here, we talk about type of acne and why you shouldn't pop up the pimples!

Type of Acne Lesions

1. Whitehead

Small white bumps under the skin that occur due to clogged pores with oil and dead skin cells.

2. Blackhead

Similar to whitehead, blackhead is small bump on the skin caused by the opening of clogged pores and exposure to dirt so that the lesion turns darker and black.

3. Cyst/Nodule

A red inflammatory pimple with or without visible pus that grows deeper under the skin. The bump is usually big and painful.

Pros and cons of squeezing pimples are still here and there. According to the dermatologist, dr. Edwin Tanihaha, Sp.KK, acne lesion such as blackhead or whitehead can be extracted by a professional, while inflammatory acne should be injected to reduce the inflammation and speed up the acne suppression process. Furthermore, additional oral antibiotics can be added as an option to kill the bacteria that grow in acne.

Many dermatologists recommend to not touching or disturbing pimples that appear, especially with dirty hands. If you want to get rid of acne immediately, it's better to  see a dermatologist to determine the best treatment to handle your pimples.

If you decide to see a dermatologist, there are several physical modalities that can be done, one of which is:

  • Acne extraction or facials that involve the use of sterile tools to remove blackheads and whiteheads

  • Injecting cystic or nodule lesion with anti-inflammatory substances that cure the inflammatory process and prevent the development of acne scars

  • Laser treatment is another effective option in treating certain types of acne; including the redness

In response to squeezing pimples, here is the reasons why you shouldn't squeeze pimples carelessly:

  • The risk of getting acne scars is high

  • Expanding bacteria and pus from the infected pore to the surrounding pores, resulting in a wider spread or breakout

  • Delaying the body's natural healing process, so the inflammation will stay longer

  • Pushing pus and bacteria further under the skin, can lead to infection

Although squeezing pimples is the most tempting thing to do, it's better to understand first the dangers that will come. If you want to remove acne as quickly as possible, see the nearest dermatologist and consult the best way to deal in order to avoid further conditions.

Come and visit IORA Clinic now to improve your acne-prone skin!


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