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Glowing and Supple Skin Secret: Salmon DNA

Salmon DNA is not a new name in the world of skin care. Some products such as topical serums even embed and take advantage of Salmon DNA. Actually, what are the benefits of Salmon DNA on skin health, especially the face?

Salmon DNA Treatment

Since the last few years, Salmon DNA treatment has become a favorite choice and also a recommendation for those who are interested in maintaining youthful facial skin. In short, Salmon DNA treatment is one of the effective skin rejuvenation treatments which contains pure hyaluronic acid, DNA molecules obtained from salmon sperm, and other good ingredients. Utilizing all existing ingredients, salmon DNA serum is used for skin cell renewal or the regeneration of our facial skin.

How Salmon DNA Treatment Works?

Basically, Salmon DNA is a treatment that involves injection. The uniqueness of this treatment lies in the technique that only focuses on five points for all the face. With five points, this treatment can solve skin problems with no recovery time! So, you can take this treatment during a lunch time and without wasting your precious time.

Before injecting Salmon DNA, the face will be cleaned first, then an anesthetic cream is applied to reduce pain. Right before injecting five points, some patients can choose to use local anesthesia or not to give more comfort during the procedure. After the anesthesia is complete, Salmon DNA serum will be injected at five points that have been determined by the doctor.

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Why only five dots?

Not just specifying five points, Salmon DNA treatment injections focus on the lymphatic system which plays a role in the immune system; good for maintaining fluid levels in body tissues, increasing blood circulation, and eliminating toxins inside the body. With the five point technique alone, salmon DNA treatment is able to brighten, soothe, moisturize the skin and provide a lifting effect so that facial skin looks healthy, glowing, and also youthful.

Salmon DNA Treatment Benefits

Everyone undoubtedly wants clean and glowing skin even without makeup. Also, many want to have youthful skin by minimizing the signs of aging on the face. Unfortunately, human skin will lose its vitality and elasticity over time due to aging and environmental factors. The main factor of these problems is the loss of hyaluronic acid in the skin structure which functions to regenerate skin cells.

As a result of reduced hyaluronic acid, quality of the skin decreases causing the skin to appear dry, wrinkles, and dull. Of all the existing cosmetic treatments, Salmon DNA is here as a new breakthrough that is able to overcome existing problems. In addition, other benefits of Salmon DNA treatment include:

  • Restores moisture and brightness to the skin

  • Reduces wrinkles caused by aging

  • Improve skin structure and quality so that the skin becomes supple

  • Helps regenerate skin

  • Nourish the skin

To maximize results, it is necessary to do several treatments in a certain time. Doctors recommend doing Salmon DNA treatment once a month for four times (4 months in a row).

So, do you interested to take Salmon DNA Treatment for glowing and supple skin? If you still have questions or doubts, tell your unique concerns and and pick your proper treatment with our professional doctors at IORA Clinic now.

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