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The Role of Hyaluronic Acid to Skin Health

Hyaluronic acid is a familiar ingredient in the skincare world and among enthusiasts. This fact can be seen in how much Hyaluronic Acid is the main ingredient in face wash, toner, serum, and moisturizer. Regardless of its popularity, actually, what is hyaluronic acid? What are the benefits of hyaluronic acid for the skin health?

In this post, we will explore about hyaluronic acid as well as its benefits for the skin. Let's see below!

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Known as a good ingredient in skin care, in fact, hyaluronic acid (HA) is the main component found and produced in our bodies naturally. Hyaluronic acid or HA is commonly found in the skin, joints, eyes, and other organs. As many products say, the main function of hyaluronic acid is to provide, as well as maintain the skin moisturized well in preventing dryness. Nevertheless, over time, the volume of HA in the body will decrease. Therefore, we need other efforts such as doing a treatment to balance and maximize the benefits of hyaluronic acid, especially for skin health.

The benefits of hyaluronic acid for skin health include:

1. Hydrating the Skin

Many studies say that Hyaluronic Acid is very abundant in our skin. Consisting of high water capacity, HA contributes to extracellular maintenance, facilitating the movement of nutrients as well as ions. In addition, hyaluronic acid is also able to regulate hydration when the skin is inflamed. This is why hyaluronic acid is chosen as an effective choice when the skin feels dry to maintain moisture.

2. Acts as Antioxidants - Accelerating Wound Healing

In the other studies, hyaluronic acid and its fragments provide antioxidant effects which are proven to be effective agents for wound healing on our skin. By facilitating revitalization in tissue formation along with good elasticity, HA is also able to increase microvascular density at the same time, so HA is a promising agent for repairing connective tissue. Based on this function, hyaluronic acid can be applied to minimize the occurring skin inflammation.

3. Slowing Down Signs of Skin Aging

It is explained that the skin has a 50% of hyaluronic acid spread, unfortunately when we age, the production of HA will decrease. In addition to the aging process, exposure to UV rays can also cause the formation of wrinkles which are known as signs of skin aging. The role of HA in this problem is to significantly reduce the severity of wrinkles and to tighten the skin and its elasticity.

4. Filling Facial Volume Loss

As we age, the fat, muscle, bone, and skin on our face begins to lose and thin out naturally. This loss of volume results in a sunken or sagging facial appearance, fine lines, wrinkles, and creases. Did you know, not only topical treatments, hyaluronic acid can also be obtained by injection? Yes, it is possible to put hyaluronic acid on the skin with an injection which can reduce the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles, and facial folds. Another amazing thing that HA can do is to create facial structure, framework, as well as fill in the empty volume on the face. Moreover, the results of this hyaluronic acid injection can be seen immediately after treatment.

So, are you amazed by the numerous functions of hyaluronic acid for skin health? Not only moisturizing, it turns out that HA has other important roles! In addition, topical cream is not the only way to add HA to the skin since it can be injected directly under the skin to achieve instant results. Now,, if you have dry skin problems or signs of skin aging that interfere your appearance, come and consult with our doctors at IORA Clinic.


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