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The Causes and Treatments of Dull Skin

Have you ever felt that your facial skin looks dull like a tired person? In fact, dull skin conditions generally look unhealthy, less radiant, tired, and rough. Further, dull skin is also often characterized by having an uneven color and texture.

You must be wondering, why our skin becomes dull? How to deal with dull skin? In this article, we will reveal more about dull skin.

Causes of Dull Skin

Before knowing the causes, it's better to know the characteristics of dull skin in advance. Dull skin usually appears with a number of conditions such as dry skin, dark under eye color, skin that looks lifeless and darker than usual.

There are at least 6 factors that cause dull skin, ranging from bad lifestyle habits to accumulation of dead skin cells. The reason why you have a dull skin are:

1. Accumulation of dead skin cells

According to experts, our skin naturally shed dead skin cells between 30,000 and 40,000 every day at a certain time. However, due to some reason, the process can be sped up or slowed down which leads to skin conditions, including the accumulation of dead skin cells creating a shadow on the complexion.

2. Dehydrated Skin

Water intake is directly related to the health of your skin. Dehydration reduces blood circulation to the skin, which can make your skin look pale and tired. So, when you don't drink enough water, your skin is likely to be seen dull and lifeless. In some cases, prolonged dehydration even causes wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, etc.

3. Rarely exfoliate the skin

When it comes to dead skin cells, exfoliating once or twice every few weeks is essential to remove dead skin cells and dirt that has accumulated on the skin's surface; so that the skin becomes clearer. However, if you apply too much or too hard, the skin's protective layer can be damaged and cause moisture loss. It also makes your skin look dull.

4. Lack of sleep

One sign of a tired body is dull skin. While you sleep, the skin repairs and renews itself. If you sleep less, then skin cells cannot function properly. Lack of sleep can also cause dark circles under the eyes to make the appearance look dull.

5. Inappropriate skincare

Did you know that using skincare consists harsh ingredients can damage the skin barrier? If the skin barrier is damaged, the appearance of dull skin cannot be avoided. Using "harsh" soaps or products formulated with ingredients that don't suit your skin conditions can also cause loss of moisture and essential oils, leading to a dry and sensitive skin.

6. Sun damage

Unprotected skin (without sunscreen) that is continuously exposed to sunlight can become dry, dull, and mottled. UV rays can break down important proteins in the skin can damage the skin barrier. In addition to UV rays, the skin is also likely to be exposed to pollution every day. External causes like this can eventually lead to dull skin, discoloration, etc.

Treatment for Dull Skin

If you already know the causes of dull skin, it's time for us to start looking for solutions to overcome them. Things that can be done to regain facial skin health and radiant, including:

1. Do skin exfoliation regularly

Exfoliating the skin is useful for removing dead skin cells and exposing the new healthy skin cells underneath. Using sophisticated exfoliator tools or with special chemicals, treatment at IORA Clinic can be an option for you.

2. Laser treatment

Designed to your unique skin needs and concerns, the light-based treatment is still a go-to for rejuvenating your skin without any downtime. The wavelength of laser treatment is able to remove the dirt on outer layers and trigger the collagen production.

3. Vitamin Injection

If you want something simple without being complicated, vitamin injections that have been specially formulated can be an option. This vitamin injection aims to refresh and brighten the skin.

4. Salmon DNA

Involving 5 injection points, Salmon DNA treatment is able to hydrate, brighten, and plump the skin. Formulated with great ingredients, Salmon DNA is designed for those of you who want to improve skin quality.

5. Use the proper skincare

It is undeniable that the right skincare will produce something good for your skin. If you have dull skin and see the nearest dermatologist, you will be recommended several types of skincare which have been formulated according to your skin's needs so that the benefit would be greater than the over-the-counter products. Plus, don't forget to add the sunscreen into your morning skincare routine to prevent sun damage.

So, those are some of the causes and treatments for dull skin that you can do. Remember, dull skin does not recognize individual skin color or type since everyone can get the same chance to experience this condition. Thus, don't forget to love and take care of your skin!


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