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Guide to Have Glass Skin by Skin Experts

For several years ago, the term glass skin began to become a trend in the world of beauty. From skincare products to makeup, glass skin appears in descriptions as the result many to achieve. So, what is glass skin?

Glass Skin Definition

If you know the Korean 10-step-skincare routine, you must be familiar with the term glass skin. According to experts, glass skin refers to the appearance of facial skin that is soft, even color, smooth without a rough texture, well hydrated, as well as radiant and shining at the same time. Not only that, glass skin usually shows the appearance of dewy skin or shiny, and moist look. By these characteristics, the appearance of glass skin shows a natural healthy skin.

Glass Skin Guidance

If you are interested, here are the steps you must take: #1. First step: Double cleanse

The Korean skincare routine introduces and awakens many people to the importance of double cleansing. FYI, a clean face is a must in your skincare routine, especially at night when your face has collected all the dirt, oil, and makeup residue. You can start with an oil cleanser or milk cleanser for the first cleansing, then follow with a facial wash or gentle facial soap for the final cleansing.

#2. Second step: Toner

Before skincare routine became a trend, toner use was often ignored because they thought toner makes the skin dry. But now, with the good ingredients that have been formulated, the use of a toner is to remove the dirt that may still be left behind. In addition, the toner has also been designed to refresh, increase moisture, and allow for better absorption of the skincare product afterwards.

#3. Third step: Serum

Another important thing to get a glass skin is incorporating serum into your routine. Serum has a function to hydrate the skin and also treat certain skin conditions depending on your choice and circumstance. Nowadays, there are many serums available with many benefits such as moisturizing, treating sensitive skin and acne, and others.

#4. Fourth step: Moisturizer

Hydrating the skin is the main key of glass skin. Therefore, create a layer with several important steps is important. If you have already applied toner and serum, moisturizer is the next step. Apart from moisturizing, moisturizers with effective ingredients play a role in creating a protective layer for the skin.

#5. Fifth step: Sunscreen

Something that cannot be missed and forgotten is the use of sunscreen when you do your morning skincare routine. Without protection from the sun, your hopes of getting glass skin will be dashed; because no matter how many steps are taken in the skincare routine, the skin will become dry, rough, and also dull if it is not protected from sun exposure.

#6. Sixth step: Eye cream

It should be noted, you can't get a glass ski if you have dry skin, dark circles, or wrinkles around your eyes. In response to this, many experts recommend adding eye cream to nourish the eye area which tends to be more fragile and dry than the rest of the face. This step can be the closing of a series of routine skincare that is done at night.

Glass skin tips and tricks

In general, achieving the appearance of glass skin can be said to be tricky depending on the consistency and condition of the individual's skin. If there are no stubborn skin conditions, glass skin is very easy to achieve. However, some people may need extra effort to get healthy skin appearance. Together with IORA Clinic, we offer several options and consultations with experts to achieve your skin goals, such as:

  • Exfoliate the skin with art peel which is able to remove dead skin cells that have accumulated on the skin. Our art peel treatment could make the skin fresher, lighter, and also clean from the build-up dead skin cells and dirt.

  • Laser treatment without downtime aims to kill bacteria on the skin. Our various laser treatments help to brighten, even out the skin tone, and also prevent wrinkles. Furthermore, laser treatment can treat the acne-prone skin to prevent the breakout, reduce oil production, and reduce the redness.

  • Salmon DNA treatment is an effective choice to make skin texture more supple, smoother, and elastic. Utilizing the beneficial ingredients, Salmon DNA is the answer to level-up your skincare routine game.

Besdies from using skincare and also doing some beauty treatments, skin expert said that the appearance of glass skin will be easy to get if you maintain a healthy lifestyle such as reducing sugar, salt, smoking, alcohol, and starting to have quality sleep hours, managing the stress, as well as exercising.


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